An important part of our city's culture are its traditional products, each of which hides a story.


The well-known tentoura, is a liqueur with a sweet and pleasant taste, and is produced by extracting different types of spirits such as rum or brandy with different kind of herbs and spices. The main characteristics are cinnamon and cloves. Its origin goes back to the 15th century, in the Venetian era. The old citizens of Patras called tentoura also with the name, moschovolithra because its intense aroma and used to drink after a good meal, as a digestive liqueur, but also during the breaks of tiring farm work mainly at the threshing floors. Etymological origins probable from the Latin word translated as tictura which is translated as tincture - extract.


A grape variety with a dark bluish colour peel, with thick and tough skin, and colorless and juicy flesh. Identified with the modern history of Greek wine , shortly after the middle of the 19th century, Gustav Clauss gave dark grape of Achaia, the name of his beloved brunette local fiancée, …. Mafrodafni, a wine that consists aromas and flavours of caramel, chocolate, coffee, raisins and prunes. In Achaia- Clauss is preserved the oldest wine in Greece and is none other than the Mavrodaphne of 1873 .


A variety with huge widespread in Greece, now cultivated in 32 provinces. The history of the wine starts in the provinceof Achaia. This is purely a wine grape variety since it has pits but also as alimentary it is quite tasty and crispy.

Muscat Rion

It is one of the most productive and of huge economic importance white wine varieties, cultivated in our region and produces among other things the homonymous wine Denomination of Controlled Origin. Is considered to be a relative variety with the French Muscat de Frontignan. The peel has greenish yellow colour, the skin is moderately thick and the flesh is soft, colourless and juicy, with a characteristic muscat aroma. Mainly used for the production of natural sweets, but also for table dry and semi-sweet wines.


This delight is an integral part of the Achaean tradition. This unique sweet is made from natural ingredients and has a particular aroma and characteristic velvet texture. Is served in small cube -shaped pieces and often contain almonds and is available in different flavours, such as rose, bergamot and mastic. Already in 1850 in the Patras’ region, many workshops of this delight bloom and the delicacy wins a place among the local specialties.

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