Church of St. Andrew

The two Temples of the Patron Saint of Patras , Ag . Andreas , the old and the new , are places for national and orthodox pilgrimage. 

The old church

The old church was built in the period of 1836-1843 in the place where Apostle Andreas martyred. Itwas built in a basilica rhythm and is the work of the famous architect Lysander Kaftantzoglou from Thessaloniki . In October 1838 at the erection work, in person attended King Othonas. The full-body images on the ceiling with scenes from the Bible, Fathers and Patriarchs are works of the great painter Dimitris Hadziaslani known as Byzantiu .

At the front and right side of the church , near the altar is the marble tomb of the Apostle . In the middle of the 4th century the emperor Constantius transferred the Holy relics in the temple of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople. When the Franks conquered Constantinople , the relic was transferred to Italy. It was on September 26, 1964 , when the Holy Head ofthe Apostle returned to Patras by Pope Paul and after some actions made by the citizens of Patras and the Orthodox Church.

The new grandiose Temple

The new grandiose Byzantine style church was founded in 1908 by George I , and was inaugurated in 1974 by the Metropolitan of Patras, Nicodemus . It is the largest and brightest church in the Balkans and one of the largest in Europe . The supervision of the construction work had the architect Anastasios Metaxas and after his death ( 1937 ) the architect Georgios Nomikos .

The central dome of the temple has a height of 46 meters, on it are supported a five-meter gilt cross and twelve smaller symbolizing Christ and the twelve disciples. Τhe Temple area has space for at least 5,500 people.

The well of St. Andrew

Next to the old church is the well of St. Andrew . In its place preexisted the source of Demetra where also was aν oracle justfor sick people. The area of the oracle source was the place where the Apostle Andrew taught . According to tradition, next to this source he was crucified .

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